Malada [Giant Spider Island]

This tutorial is about hunting on Malada, the so called “Giant Spider Island”. It is one of the Forbidden Islands. Under the island of Malada is a series of passages which intertwine in a large underground labyrinth. These passages are mostly occupied by Quara Scouts, some Hydras and Water Elementals.

What should I bring there?
Level and Skill requirements
Some general info and how to hunt there


Forbidden Islands, Malada.
First of all you will need to make the Goroma Quest (Repair Ship Quest) and the Voodoomaster Quest. Then, you need to do the Forbidden Islands Quest to at least Access to Malada part so you can go there.

Once you have arrived to Goroma (can be accessed from Liberty Bay by travelling with Jack Fate), you need to walk to the teleportation hub. From there you can get to Ramoa (Bonebeast Island), Talahu (Hydra Island), Malada (Giant Spider Island) and Karos (Ferumbras Tower). Since we want to go to the Giant Spider Island, we just go to the third island by using the teleportation hub three times.


What should I bring there?

All Vocations:
* Food!
* Soft boots, if you have.

* Some ammunition. I prefer using royal spears but you can do it with enchanteds also.
* Some backpack of mana potions.
Note: The amount of ammuntion and mana potions affects the length of your hunt. So if you wish to hunt longer, take more ammos and manas.

* Several backpacks of mana potions.
* Use wand/rod to fasten up the killing process if you feel like it.
Note: The amount and quality (mp/smp/gmp) of potions affects the length of your hunt. So that depends on how longer you would like to hunt.

* Several backpacks on mana potions.
* Some health potions just in case you need to use them.
* Use the best 1-handed weapon you have.
Note: The amount of mana potions affects the length of your hunt. If you wish to hunt longer, take more manas.

Level and Skills requirements

* At least level 55-60 so you can use Strong Health Potions in danger.
* At least distance fighting 70 so you can kill monsters quickly. Of course higher level makes it more safer and higher distance makes it safer and faster to exp (might raise the exp/h ratio if spawn is fast enough)

* At least level 60. Until level 77 a Water Elemental is able to combo you on 1 turn if you let it hit you with melee and distance attacks. If you keep distance from them level 50 should be fine. (I did hunt at this isle from 50ish level and never died there by Water Elementals)
* At least magic level 40 so you can kill monsters quickly. Of course higher level makes it more safer and higher magic level makes it safer and faster to exp (might raise the exp/h ratio if spawn is fast enough)

* At least level 80 and 75/75 skills. It will still be waste until level 150 or so since you can’t avoid monsters attack and your killing speed will be lower than paladins and mages.

General Notes:
It will be waste for Knights to kill these monsters if they don’t loot rares. Paladins can profit there easily without rares. Mages will be able to profit, pay supplies or waste a bit depending on the loot.
These level and skill requirements are not 100% correct and safe. It’s up to you and your skills as a player on how you handle the spawn and creatures in it.

Some general info and how to hunt there

After walking up the stairs you will face some Tarantullas and Quara Mantassin Scouts. There is of course possibility that someone has lured there several Giant Spiders but on “normal spawn” there is only Tarantullas and Mantassin Sqouts.
After you have kicked those monsters ass, we can move on. I always kill the spawn on counterclockwise. Don’t know why but it works fine for me and I will introduce the island on same way. So when you start walking to east, you will face some more Tarantullas and Mantassin Sqouts (which hasn’t been already lured next to you). On first spawn there will be also 2 Water Elementals. These guys are real pain in the ass, so I usually just lure them to pitalls. But because there is only 1 pitfall near I usually kill the first one and lure it to pitfall. On next round (when the pitfall has closed) I lure the second Water Elemental to the same pitfall. I don’t like killing Water Elementals cause they can do massive combos, they’re strong against physical and holy damage and they don’t drop any loot. So as rp, they’re just waste to me (probably waste to all vocations cause they don’t drop any loot).
As you can see from pic below, pitfalls are usually enclosed by gold coins so you see them clearly and can avoid them.


Then we move on to the south. First we face 1 Quara Pincher Sqout. You may want to keep some distance to it cause it’s 100% melee fighter and do some serious damage to characters with weaker defence. Usually after that monster I walk a bit to east and kill those 3-4 Quara Constrictor Sqouts that are camping there. There is also 1 Giant Spider. Cause there’s 2 pitfalls near it’s spawning area, it is sometimes on pitfall. After slaying those monsters I walk back to west side of the island and go south.There you will face some more Tarantullas and Constrictor Scouts. When you continue walking to south-east you will face 2 giant spiders ( those 2 Constrictor Scouts respawn really close to Giant Spiders). You got some good space to lure them. Just run back and run them around palm trees or around some swamp area. I recommend you to lure them 1 by 1 for your own safety cause giant spider does nice damage on melee to all vocations.

After killing these monsters I move on to south. There will be 1 Water Elemental waiting for you. It’s better to go more south or come back to north-west and lure that Elemental to pitfall. Out of the sight, out of the mind. Now walk as far to south as you can and when you see wrecked ship, turn to east. There will be spawn of 2 Giant Spiders. Try to lure them 1 by 1 and around palmtrees as I said before. That is probaby the easiest way. So now you have killed the 2 giant spiders and lured the water elemental to pitfall. Time to move on!
Walk north and you will face 1 Pincher Scout. Continue walking north and you will come to the centre of the island.
The light blue dots are Water Elementals, the yellow dots are pitfalls and the red square is the entrance.


Also bigger pic for Water Elementals and pitfall places. Sorry about bad quality.


There will be few Giant Spiders so I advice you to approach carefully at first time. There will be chance of backspawn on fast spawntime so watch out your back. Giant Spider can backspawn from south or from west. When you move to east, there will be more Giant Spiders and Tarantullas.
There is also space where 3-4 Mantassin Sqouts respawn. Be careful with that spawn cause behind that spawn, there is spawn of at least 2 Water Elementals. I advice you to lure them 1 by 1 to pitfall that is at 2 Giant Spider spawn near wrecked ship. Wait until the hole closes and lure the other one there also. Behind that spawn is another 2 Water Elemental spawn. If you want to hunt freely threre, without having to worry about Water Elementals, then just lure them to pitfall. Lets move on.


After that Mantassin Sqout spawn you’re going to north-east and you will face more Giant Spiders and probably Tarantullas. Amount of them depends on how they have lured on you when you killed those mantassin. After killing last Giant Spiders and Mantassin Sqouts, you move your ass to north-west and see the stairs. Round is finished. Start another one and enjoy about new hunting area. (If you have killed the first water elemental, you have to lure it to pitfall now).

      • Parcel

I advice everyone who has done Postman quest to take parcel with you. There is postbox on Hydra islands teleportation hub. You can send you loot from there.

      • Cap full of supplies

I also highly recomend you to take as much supplies as you can carry cause the shiptrip costs 500 gp and it’s a bit long way to go there. Personally I can’t be arsed to stop hunt early just to get more supplies so I simply take a lot of them with me so I can hunt longer.

      • Pitfalls

Lure the Water Elementals to pitfalls. But after doing that,

do not walk over the pitfalls because it might be a free ticket to the temple

I only introduced the ground floor hunting spot. There is nice Quara Scout area underground. If you wish to go there be careful with the lured water elementlas. They do some serious damage mixed with Quaras and Giant Spider.
While exploring underground areas you will face all kind of Quara Scouts and very likely lured Water Elemental/Giant Spider. There is also at least 1 Hydra on -2 or -3.

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