How To Get Tibia Gold

Tibia Gold

If Tibia is your bread, then Tibia gold is your butter. It makes the game much more enjoyable to play. With Tibia gold you can buy stuff from various NPC vendors as well from as other player via the in-game market place. In this article we will discuss how to get Tibia gold in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

General Advice

  • Pick up all creature products always. This covers body parts from a dead creature, products like honey comb, and outfits.
  • Open all usable crates you encounter but don’t go actively looking for them.
  • Don’t overspend on temporary equipment. While working towards your long term goal of awesome equipment use temporary equipment with more or less equivalent buying price and selling price as per NPC vendor prices. This way you can continuously upgrade to better gear without stripping yourself of all your gold and more in the process.
  • Buy low and sell high. Lots of players sell items cheap on the market. Look for market prices below those of NPCs like Djinns and Rashids who are often neglected by players. Once you have aquired the goods off the market sell them off to the Djinns or Rashids for a nice profit.
  • Sell the stuff you dont need┬áinstead of hoarding it. Only save stuff you expect will rise in value or have future utility.


Questing is a great way to make money in Tibia. Just make sure to choose the right quests to get value for your time.

  • Venore Daily Tasks Quest
  • Goblin Merchant Quest
  • Hot Cuisine Quest
  • To Outfox a Fox Quest
  • Desert Dungeon Quest
  • Paradox Tower Quest
  • Crusader Helmet Quest
  • Orc Fortress Quest
  • Koshei The Deathless Quest
  • Mad Mage Room Quest
  • The Outlaw Camp Quest
  • Black Knight Quest
  • Deeper Fibula Quest
  • Secret Service Quest
  • Bigfoot’s Burden Quest (gives you access to warzones with potential rewards)
  • The Queen of the Banshees Quest
  • Medusa Shield Quest
  • Fire Axe Quest
  • Vampire Shield Quest
  • Behemoth Quest
  • The Pits of Inferno Quest
  • Wrath of the Emperor Quest
  • The Inquisition Quest
  • Demon Helmet Quest

Completing the quests above will yield over 600K worth of Tibia gold in items and gold. The last 4 quests stand for 75% of that money and you must be level 80+ to tackle them.

Collecting Resources (aka farming)

There are lots of resources you can gather and sell on the market for a nice profit.

  • Harvest Sugar Oat.
  • Find Dwarven Pickaxes in the Kazordoon Dwarf Mines.
  • Fish Northern Pikes.
  • Save items from Hot Cuisine Quest and sell during August when they tend to rise in value.
  • Collect Empty Potion Flasks in hunting areas. Choose higher level areas like Vengoth, Magician Quarter Hellspawn cave, Sea Serpent Area, Medusa Cave, Deeper Banuta, Muggy Plains and Northern Zao including The Keeper’s Lair.

Buy Tibia Gold

You read that right. If the standard money making methods sound like too much work you can simply buy Tibia gold with real money in a Tibia shop. We recommend because they have 24/7 Support, 100+ payment methods, and a huge stock across all servers allowing for fast delivery.


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